Camping With Kids: Top Essentials For An Outdoor Adventure

Getting outside is super important for your health, for your child’s health, for everyone’s health, and what better way than to grab summer by the (beach)balls and go camping with the kids? But it can be overwhelming to try to figure out what to bring and what to leave at home. So, with that in mind, we came up with a handy list to help break it down and make it easier for you to get outside and into the wild with your children.

Father with child in an Onya Baby Carrier overlooking a lake

1. Be sure to bring your Onya! Why is an Onya Baby carrier the perfect essential when you’re camping with your kids?

  • It allows your baby to enjoy all the fun! While you and your family hikes in to your camping spot, or enjoys short hikes around the area, your baby can ride on with Mom or Dad’s front or back and be a part of the outdoor action!
  • Got a baby at your breast? It’s super easy to nurse while you’re wearing your baby in your Onya! Happy, full baby, hiking momma. Good stuff, that.
  • Need a place for Baby to sit? Well, you’re covered. All you need is a chair – even a folding camp chair works! – and you’re all set. You can eat with both hands and your baby can join you at the camp table. Everyone wants to be a part of the family dinner, and they can when you’re camping, too.
  • Night-time feeling a wee chilly? Let babywearing keep both you and your baby warmer while you sit around the campfire singing songs or making s’mores. Just be sure to watch your footing when walking near that fire with your little one!

2. Lots of easy, healthy snacks, for Mom, Dad and for the little ones (if they’re eating solids):

  • some great options (click for some great recipes):
    granola bars
    kale chips
    – fruits and veggies (pre-cut and finger-friendly). Super easy, super healthy. Boom. Done.
    no-mess pancakes (for a fun, special treat)
    – discover some more perfect-for-camping recipes here and here
  • If you’re cooking a meal that takes a bit of time, why not take that opportunity for a fun game, like a campsite scavenger hunt? It’s the perfect time to just slow down and enjoy the time you have together.

A delicious bowl of various fruits

3. Health and safety kit:

4. Some lightweight, open-ended toys:

  • some ideas:
    – outdoor toys such as a sand pail, shovels and diggers
    – maybe some coloring tools, such as crayons, pencils, markers
    – keep it simple. Children will play with these toys for hours, just find a spot with some loose dirt and they’ll be happy little

5. Diapers, spare clothing:

  • whether you’re bringing cloth or disposable diapers, you’ll want to figure out how many your baby goes through in a day and add another five per day or so (just in case).
    – a wet bag: no matter what kind of diapers you bring, you’ll need to pack them back out with you. Bring waterproof wet bag(s) to carry soiled diapers in, or even a few baggies. Handy tip: several smaller bags are easier to pack than one large bag, so pack accordingly
  • keep it simple when it comes to packing clothing. Bring layers, and lots of bibs (they’re super lightweight and help you save on needing to bring more clothes than necessary by catching most of the mess before it hits the rest of the clothes)

6. Tent, tarp, sleeping bags, etc.

  • have a look at this awesomely thorough camping checklist. We wanted to make this guide more geared to getting out there with the kids. The link will take you to a great and comprehensive, but general, camping checklist. It’s definitely worth checking out.

So, what do you think?
Is there anything you’d add to this family camping guide? Please tell us!
Happy babywearing!