Visible and Kissable

Always wear your baby so that your baby is visible and kissable. But what does that mean?

What it means is this: when your baby is on your front (either in a wrap, sling or soft structured baby carrier), she should be in an “in-arms” position (just like you were holding her in your arms with her bum right about level with your belly button). Your baby’s face should be visible. The top of her head should be close enough to kiss. Go ahead, give her a big one! *smooch* There. Doesn’t that feel good?

Mother with baby in an Onya Baby Carrier at the beach

Check on your baby often, keep her head and face visible to be sure that her airways are unrestricted, i.e., if you can fit a finger between your baby’s chin and chest, your baby’s airways should be unrestricted. Think of a kink in a garden hose: if the hose is kinked, the water can’t flow as well as it can when the hose is unrestricted. Also, never cover your baby’s face with a coat or cover of any kind. If it’s cold out, put a nice warm hat on your baby and snuggle them (face open to the air) in a warm coat with you. Remember that your also providing nice warm body heat by wearing her, so she’ll certainly be warmer in a coat with you than if she was in a stroller or another separate device. Be sure to allow your baby access to the air she needs to breathe.

Wearing your baby is the safest place for your baby when done correctly. You’ll be able to feel her breathing and can instinctively monitor her. You’ll keep her safe and cozy in a busy crowd or when there are non-baby-proofed hazards around. Your baby will be right on you. There is no safer place.

Really, it’s easy. Just remember this: if your baby is visible and kissable, you’re doing it right.

Happy Babywearing!

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