Why Choose an Onya Baby Carrier?

Explaining what makes an Onya Baby carrier different from other baby carriersSo, we’ve been asked what features make an Onya Baby soft structured carrier different than other soft structured carriers, aside from its built-in seat? Over the course of its four-year development and testing, the creator – a babywearing mother – was very careful to not look at other similar carriers on the market in order to create a unique carrier. After the initial four years of development, Onya Baby teamed up with a former backpack designer and his team to tweak it a little bit to make it recognizable and difficult to copy (we’d like to keep the chances of counterfeit Onya Baby carriers at a minimum). The carrier that resulted from this is unique in several ways. We want to point out what makes it unique:

  • The padding:

Close up of baby in Onya Baby Carrier

The padding on shoulder straps is closed-cell foam, meaning you get lots of support without the added bulk (goodbye puffy pillow shoulder straps, yay!), and the padding on the waist belt is a combination of the same supportive closed-cell foam with an added firm lumbar support panel under where the baby sits. This combination provides you with excellent under-baby support and does a wonderful job at placing the bulk of your baby’s weight on your hips and off your shoulders. Also, because the lower part of the shoulder strap comes up from the waist belt at an angle (like a backpack), it gives you less of the annoying “underarm rub” that you might get from carriers that have the shoulder straps connecting mid-body panel. No more underarm rub? Huzzah!

  • The body panel:

Mother back carrying child in Onya Baby Carrier

The body of an Onya Baby carrier is shaped differently than other soft-structured carriers, and the shoulder straps are connected to the panel in a different way. An Onya Baby carrier has a tall body, which allows you to use it for a longer period of time with your baby (rein in the lean!) and because the lower half of the shoulder straps come up from under your baby’s legs (as mentioned above), your baby is well supported under the bum, their hips are placed in an ideal “M” shape (spread-squat with hips lower than the knees). Wraps and a mei tais are tied with the shoulder straps coming up under the legs, too, giving a similar kind of support. We’ve heard that wrappers like the fit and feel of Onya Baby carriers, this being one of the reasons.

  • Details, details, details:

Overall, if you take a look at an Onya Baby carrier, you’ll notice the fine details that make the quality stand out from the pack. The webbing is all dyed to match, the shoulder straps have dual-adjust buckles, which means that you can easily adjust them by pulling either forward or backwards and you can cross the straps on your back when doing a front carry. Wearing the carrier with the straps crossed distributes the weight of your baby differently than wearing the shoulder straps buckled like a backpack. We want to give you options to find your very own sweet spot. The waist belt buckle is covered, the stitch count is high and the fabric is all very high quality. But we didn’t stop there. Onya Baby carriers are not only tested to 75 pounds, but they also have gone through a “saliva fastness” test, which ensures you that if your baby chews on your carrier, no dyes will end up in our baby, they’ll stay fast to the fabric. And you’ve got loads of pocket room in an Onya Baby carrier. You actually can leave home without your bulky diaper bag if you want to, since you can fit even a cloth diaper and wipes, your debit and/or credit cards and a few other items in the zippered pockets. Clip your keys onto the d-ring on the waist belt, a toy onto one of the toy loops on each shoulder strap and you’re good to go.

Close up photo of an Onya Baby Carrier showing details

We want you to have an awesome babywearing experience with your Onya Baby carrier.

So, get your baby on ya, get out there and show your baby the world. There’s so much to see!

Happy Babywearing!