Baby Carrier Waist Pad by Onya Baby
Baby Carrier Waist Pad by Onya Baby

Waist Pad

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The Onya Baby Waist Pad helps make the webbing more comfortable. It slips comfortably under your carriers waist belt webbing, evenly distributing weight and relieving the pressure experienced when back carrying a baby or toddler.

  • Works with most soft structured carriers and framed carriers
  • Durable rip-stop nylon front and breathable air-mesh back
  • Elastic tabs provide adjustable positioning for optimum comfort
  • Machine washable (Hang dry)

Carrier & Booster Manual downloads (PDF):

Carrier Instructional Videos:

Learn step-by-step how to safely use your Onya Baby carrier on your front, on your back, and on a chair. You can also learn how to use your Onya Baby Booster infant insert, how to nurse in your Onya Baby carrier, and how to roll it up for neat and tidy storage. Who knows, you might even learn a new babywearing trick or two!

Front Carry Tutorial

Back Carry Tutorial

Chair Harness Tutorial

Infant Insert Tutorial

How to Nurse in the Onya Baby Carrier

How to Rollup an Onya Baby Carrier

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What features does an Onya Baby carrier have? What is the difference between the Cruiser, the Outback and the NexStep?

Onya Baby carriers are loaded with useful features, including two zippered pockets, toy loops, a d-ring to clip your keys to, a tuck-away sleep hood, and a high body for supporting your growing baby. Onya Baby carrier comes with a built-in seat harness allowing you to turn any chair into a seat for your baby, no matter where you are. Never get stuck slogging a stroller through tough terrain or get caught without a seat for Baby ever again! The Cruiser is made of 100% soft-brushed cotton. The Outback is made of water-resistant rip-stop nylon with a breathable Air-Mesh lining. The Nexstep is made of 100% recycled soft brushed twill with a breathable Air-Mesh lining.

What is the difference between the Pure and the rest of the carriers?

The Pure is lightweight, breathable and easy to use. The front panel rolls up and tucks away to reveal soft, breathable 3D Hex mesh. Easy clean fabrics that dries super fast. Fully adaptable with our Onya Booster so you can use the Pure from newborn to toddler. * The Pure does not transform into a travel chair harness for baby *

When can I start using my Onya Baby carrier?

You can start using you Onya Baby carrier right from birth (from 7 pounds/3.2 kg) when you combine your Onya Baby carrier with an Onya Baby Booster infant-insert. The Baby Booster snaps securely into your Onya Baby carrier, providing you and your baby with an ergonomic, supportive and comfortable carrier that you can use from the beginning and well into toddlerhood.

What are the weight limits of an Onya Baby carrier?

Onya Baby carriers are designed for use with babies from 15 lbs/7 kg — who have head and neck control — to 45 lbs/20 kg, and who are three months of age or older. If you add a Baby Booster (see above) to your Onya Baby carrier, however, you can use your Onya from birth (7 lbs/3.2kg). The Baby Booster supports your baby’s head and neck before he can do so on his own, and cradles your newborn in soft organic cotton terry in your Onya Baby carrier in a hip-healthy, ergonomically correct “froggy” position. Your child’s safety is our top concern. We have tested in accordance with, and passed, all the regulatory guidelines and requirements set forth by the CPSIA (Consumer Products Safety Improvement Act) and ASTM (formerly, American Society for Testing and Materials). Onya Baby carriers are load-tested to 75 pounds, but we recommend you limit use of your Onya Baby carrier when your child reaches 45 pounds/20 kilos.

What are the minimum and maximum waist belt and shoulder strap lengths?

The waist belt can be adjusted from 25” to 56”. If you need one, Waist Extenders are available, and will provide an additional 10″ of length to the waist belt. The shoulder straps can be adjusted from 17” for petite wearers to a full 36”. The lower webbing of the shoulder straps are adjustable as well, and can be tightened completely or extended to add an additional 7” of length to the shoulder straps, if needed. Onya Baby carriers can be worn comfortably by those big and tall to those little and small.

What is the height of the body of the carrier?

The body of the carrier is 16” high with the rounded top folded down and 18” high with the rounded top up.

Why is the baby’s neck and head control so important for Onya Baby carriers?

It is important for your baby to have good head and neck control before you start using your Onya Baby carrier so that your baby’s head does not fall forward, as a newborn’s can do, while your baby is in it. When your baby’s head falls forward it puts a kink in her neck — much like a kink in a hose through which no water can pass — that restricts his/her airway, making it harder for her to breathe. Once your baby can hold his/her head and neck up on their own, you will be able to use your baby carrier on-its-own with confidence. Always be sure to check that your baby’s face is uncovered to ensure good air flow to his/her nose and mouth. Never cover your baby’s head or face with a blanket, coat or any other fabric.

Can an Onya Baby carrier be used with my baby facing out?

No. Onya Baby carriers are designed for inward-facing carries only.

Is there a sleeping hood on an Onya Baby carrier?

The Outback, Nexstep and Cruiser carriers have an attached sleeping hood within a tuck-away pocket to keep it tidy when it is not in use. The sleeping hood provides support for your baby’s sleepy head, and a sun protection factor of 50 to protect your baby’s skin from the sun’s rays. The Pure does not come with a hood.

Can I nurse my baby while using the Onya Baby carrier?

You certainly can! While you have your baby in your carrier on your front, simply loosen the shoulder straps to lower your baby to breast-level. To make it even easier, quicker and more discreet for both you and your baby, wear a top which allows you easy access to the breast, such as a dedicated nursing top. Be sure to keep an eye on your baby to ensure that your baby’s airway are not restricted. We made a video to show you how.

When can my baby start riding on my back in the Onya Baby carrier?

We recommend waiting until your baby is around 6 months to start using your carrier on your back with your baby. This will ensure that your baby is ready for a back carry. It is, however, an individual decision made by a parent for her baby. If you feel your baby is ready earlier than 6 months, then go ahead and give it a go.

Can I put my baby into the carrier without assistance?

Absolutely. It is easy to get your baby onto your front and you’ll master that in no time. To get your baby on your back you’ll find that all it takes is a bit of practice and you will gain the skills to do it by yourself. Be sure to enlist the help of another competent adult or practice over a soft surface, such as a sofa or bed, while you are learning and until you feel comfortable enough to do it on your own.

Is there an instructional video on how to use the carrier as a front and back carrier?

Our video series can be viewed right here. Please note that it is important to practice using the carrier over a soft surface or with a competent partner until you feel comfortable using the Onya Baby carrier by yourself.

When can I start using the chair harness on a chair with my baby?

Because the chair harness on an Onya Baby carrier is designed to come up under your baby’s arms to support his body, you may safely use your carrier as a chair harness from the point that your baby can hold his head and neck up on his own, and is at least four months of age. You can continue using the chair harness until you feel confident that your baby will stay safely on a chair by himself without support or restraint.

Is there an instructional video for the use of the chair harness?

Our video series is available on the support page here on our website and on our YouTube channel. Please check them out! Please note that the chair harness works on most chairs but does not substitute for having a competent adult present at all times while the chair harness is in use. Please watch your child while using the chair harness. Always use the safety strap when using your Onya Baby carrier as a baby seat at a table to prevent your child from falling backwards if he pushes against the table.

Can I wash my Onya Baby carrier?

Yes. We recommend wiping or spot-washing for minor messes. If you feel that you must wash your carrier, do so in cold water on the gentle cycle or hand wash. Air dry or tumble dry on low or no-heat setting. We recommend using gentle detergent and never use bleach. Wash only when necessary to preserve the integrity of your carrier. Care instructions are printed on the waist belt label of every carrier for easy reference.

How can I register my new Onya Baby carrier?

Please register your carrier online through our Product Registration page. Alternatively, you can choose to fill out the registration card that is attached to your carrier’s manual and drop it into the mail free of charge if mailed within the United States. Please be sure to write the date of manufacture in the space provided. The date of manufacture is found on a label sewn into the seam of the sleep hood pocket.By registering your Onya Baby carrier, you are ensuring that we will be able to contact you in the unlikely event of a recall.

Where can I find your GCC & ASTM certifications and other compliance information?

All styles of Onya Baby Carriers are ASTM F2236-14 tested and certified. We are compliant with the mandatory US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) law 16 CFR Parts 1112 and 1226 that applies to all soft-structured baby carriers imported into the United States after January 1st, 2015. This is a one-time test each style of carrier must undergo, only subject to retesting if there is a change in materials or design.

Our current ASTM certificates:
For additional reference, see the CPSC Final Rule: Safety Standard for Soft Infant and Toddler Carriers here.

Our current European standard certificate:
General Conformity Certification (GCC) documents refer to passage of testing requirements for CPSC/CCPSC and other Regulatory Standards for the products listed on each document.

Choose the link below to download the corresponding test report that matches the product name and GCC number found on the UPC label or attached Tag from your Onya Baby product.

Outback Carrier Certificates:
NexStep Carrier Certificates:
Onya Accessory Certificates:

My question wasn’t answered here. How can I contact Onya Baby?

We apologize for not addressing your question. Please feel free to Contact Us at any time. You can also call us between the hours of 9am and 4pm M-F (PST) 1.877.914.ONYA 1.831.471.8623 We promise to get back to you as soon as possible if you send or leave us a message, whether by e-mail or by phone.
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