10 DIY Babywearing Halloween Costume Ideas

Father and child wearing home made Halloween Costume

Halloween is right around the corner. Looking for some good babywearing Halloween costume idea inspiration? Here’s a round up of some really awesome ones we found while scouring the Web for you. We hope they give you some inspiration and show you how easy it can be to incorporate your baby carrier into your Halloween costume.Incorporate your baby carrier as a part of your awesome DIY Halloween babywearing costume.There are so many great DIY Halloween babywearing costumes to choose from! But you know what? We think any Halloween costume is made better by babywearing. You can keep your baby safe and warm while trick-or-treating with your older kiddo, or just strolling with your partner and baby on Halloween night to see the neighborhood and your neighbors all decked out and having fun.

Happy Halloween! & Happy Babywearing!