Babywearing is…

…older than sliced bread.

Woman wearing her baby circa 1900. Courtesy Kansas Historical Society


Inuit woman with sleepy baby in Amauti circa 1906. Courtesy Library of Congress Prints and Photographs, Photograph by Lomen Bros., 190







Welsh woman wearing her baby in a traditional shawl, circa 1905. Courtesy of MuseumWales Amgueddfa Cymru – National Museum Wales




Old Postcard Michoacan. Familia Tarasca de la sierra. Uruapan. Date unknown. Courtesy of Tayacapan, Karen Elwell










While buckles and an abundance of fabric options and accessories might be new-fangled and add a factor of convenience and style, mothers have been wearing their babies for as long as mothers have had babies.

How else could they have gathered food, cared for other children, protected and fed their babies and done the myriad other things mothers do?

So…since ready-sliced bread only became commercially available in 1928 (according to Life’s Little Mysteries) babywearing is most certainly older than sliced bread.

 Here’s the simple truth: as soon as a woman becomes a mother, babywearing is essential.

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