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Once again we stand facing a fresh new year with our backs to another year passed. In honor of the old, we share our favorite posts from last year. We’re here to help make your family adventures easier, more connected and, of course, hands-free. We hope this round-up helps you find the best babywearing tips, tricks and tidbits you’re looking for to help get you going with your little one to see what’s around the corner, or around the world!

  •  Tips for travelling with your baby

There might come a time when you have to pack your bags and travel with your baby. For many parents, the mere thought of travelling with your child strikes fear in their hearts. But with a little preparation, planning and a hearty dose of lowered expectations, your family travels can actually be smooth sailing. (read more…)

  • Bringing Baby home

Whether it’s your first baby or fifth, the first days, weeks and months with your new baby can be overwhelming – for both you and your baby. We totally get it, we’ve been there ourselves. One of the greatest things you can do is choose to wear your baby in a wrap, sling or baby carrier, whether you’re breastfeeding. If you are breastfeeding, however, breastfeeding challenges occasionally arise. And that’s okay. Many times, just a little tweaking can get you and Baby back on the road to breastfeeding success. Here’s a handy troubleshooting guide to help you on her way. (read more…)

  • Camping with the kids

Getting outside is really important for our health, for our children’s health. It’s been shown to benefit us all in so many ways, physically, emotionally and intellectually. But it can be overwhelming planning your first camping trip with your baby. Have no fear! We’re here to make your camping adventures easier! (read more…)

  •  Babywearing for dads

Both mom and dad are vital their baby’s life, but their relationships are different. And that’s perfectly fine. Each parent offers something unique to their child. Want to know one of the greatest things a dad can do for his baby, from the very start? Well, wear that baby, of course! We share some excellent reasons why babywearing is best for dads and their babies. (read more…)

  •  Soft-structured baby carrier tips and tricks

Soft-structured baby carriers (SSCs), like Onya Baby carriers, are perfect for those parents who want the beauty, connection and convenience of babywearing with the ease of buckles and easily-adjustable straps. SSCs allow both parents to comfortably and easily wear their babies without needing more than one baby carrier. We admit it, we have a soft spot for SSCs, but you might’ve already guessed that! Well, we love SSCs – and babywearing – so we want to help make your babywearing journey with your SSC even better by sharing these simple tips and tricks. Because sometimes, a little tweak makes a big difference! (read more…)

  • Babywearing and healthy hip positioning

Wondering if hip positioning matters when you’re wearing your baby? Well, according to many experts, including The International Hip Dysplasia Institute, it does. We share some research and information explaining why. (read more…)


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