Easy DIY babywearing Halloween costume: spider in a tree

Spider in a tree DIY babywearing Halloween costume

We love babywearing Halloween costumes!
The options are as wide and as varied as our collective imaginations; endless. You can make it as fun, spooky, creepy or out-there as you want to make it. And you want to use your baby carrier, right? Well, we want to show you ways to do that. Because babywearing is good for everyone, and excellent on Halloween!

We already shared a fun and super easy DIY babywearing costume: a gardener. We hope you loved it! We’re sharing another: a spider in a tree. Because spiders like trees, right? Of course they do. For detailed directions, scroll down…

Easy DIY babywearing spider in a tree costume

How to make a spider in a tree babywearing costume.
Detailed instructions:

Start with the materials you need:
– two round foam forms. We found one that was hollowed (like a bowl) and another that was a ball. We simply cut the ball in half. It was the smaller one, so it became the head)
– two giant pipe cleaners (you’ll cut them)
– sheet of black felt
– big googly eyes
– silk leaves
– felt spider web (optional)
– black spray paint
– hot glue gun and glue sticks
– scissors and wire cutters (for pipe cleaners)
– string
– a knit cap/hat
– your Onya Baby carrier

Make your spider’s body:
– cut your foam in half if you need to (if you could only find balls)
– spray paint your foam black (let it dry)
– cut giant pipe cleaners with wire cutters to make eight legs (leave a length for the neck, 3″-4″)
– poke eight legs holes in larger foam piece with something sharp, add glue to each hole and push each leg pipe cleaner piece into holes

Give that spider a head:
– poke a hole in each foam piece for neck
– add glue to each hole
– push the small neck pipe cleaner piece into the body and head to connect them

Make eyes:
– glue on googly eyes (just put ’em where you think they look best, just eyeball it…har har)
– cut two felt half-circles for eyelids, glue on eyes

Make mouth pincers:
– poke hole for mouth
– cut felt circle and fold felt circle in half
– add glue to mouth hole, push folded felt circle in

Make leafy hat:
– pull single and double leaves from your silk leafy limbs.
– cut a few smaller branches
– push them into your knit cap. Bonus points for having a brown hat!

Attach your spooky spider to your Onya:
– tie a string around each top leg and tie around each shoulder strap. Tie them tight, they’re what’s keeping your awesome babywearing costume together! Be sure to allow yourself good visibility. Adjust to keep the spider from blocking your view.

Put it on:
– make sure you’re wearing brown (you’re a tree, after all)
– put your spidery Onya on with your baby in it
– put your leafy hat on
– you’re ready to make like a tree and leave!

Oh, and this totally works for a back carry, too. Who says the spider can’t be climbing up the back side of the tree? Eeek!

Have questions about this one? We’re here to help! Just post your question in the comments below.

Happy Halloween!
Happy babywearing!